There has been a huge buzz surrounding the upcoming Godzilla movie, with speculation and rumors surrounding the plot of the movie and the monster itself on the rise. With the most recent trailer released in Asia, more details have been revealed about the movie and a brand new species of monster that Godzilla will combat. This species is known as “Muto”, and has been shown flying in the trailer as well as facing off against the classic movie monster. The trailer suggests that Muto is a man-made creature, and that Godzilla will once again play the role of both antagonist and protagonist as it faces off against the human armies as well as the terrifying Muto. The trailer even hints at the return of Godzilla’s infamous atomic breath, which was absent in the previous American-made 1998 Godzilla film. The movie will release in a matter of weeks on May 16th, so fans should definitely make time to check out the latest Godzilla film in over a decade!


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