Barbie: Dreamhouse Experience at MoA

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The Mall of America has recently opened the doors to its new Barbie playhouse and gallery this February, titled “Barbie: The Dreamhouse Experience”, and offers a wide variety of interactive exhibits for Barbie fans young and old alike! The exhibit, located on the Southeast corner of the 3rd level, includes a life-size recreation of the Barbie Dreamhouse, recreating rooms like the kitchen, library, living room, make-up studios, and even Barbie’s endless closets and shoe rooms! Each of these rooms offers a unique experience for the visitors, including cooking, dressing up, playing games and more.






A number of Barbie figures from over the years are also on display for older fans to remember the classic Barbie stylings while showing younger fans the origins of the iconic character. Finally, a 6,500 square foot entertainment area is available for visitors to show off their moves with a pop star stage, fashion runway, costumes, and games! This exhibit will be open for years to come, making this a fun experience you and your family will want to visit time and time again!

The Mall of America is a shopping mall owned by the Triple Five Group, located in Bloomington, Minnesota. Opened in 1992, the mall covers an area of nearly 5 million square feet, and receives over 40 million visitors annually, the most of any mall in the world. The mall has earned a national reputation for entertaining guests, featuring musical acts to celebrity book signings to fashion shows and more. The MoA hosts more than 400 events each year, making the mall a place where fans can meet and greet their favorite celebrities or take part in interactive, one-of-a-kind events, as well as offer a unique shopping experience for local shoppers as well as tourists from all over the world.

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