Masterpieces are about to head to the streets in a big way with the upcoming ‘Art Everywhere’ outdoors exhibit! In an initiative led by museums and billboard agencies, over 50,000 displays across America, ranging from signs, bus stops, and electronic billboards, will be taken over by a variety of artwork from the nation’s leading museums, including pieces from big American artists like Roy Lichtenstein, Edward Hopper, Jasper Johns, and many more. With the popularity of smartphones and the Internet in recent culture, large-scale advertising billboards and other signage has gone unused across the nation as ad agencies look to digital advertising.



The movement is scheduled to take place staring on August 4th, 2014, and there is a poll going on the exhibit’s official website where fans can vote for their favorite paintings. The top 50 images selected from this poll will be reproduced across America for millions to see. The exhibit is similar to an initiative in Britain last summer, also titled ‘Art Everywhere’, and hopes to exceed the expectations set by Britain’s successful show. So make sure to head to http://arteverywhereus.org/ to cast your vote, and keep your eyes open this summer. Maybe you’ll see one of your favorite pieces in a much bigger way!


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