New “Pink Panther” movie in the works

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MGM has announced that a new movie will be released based on the classic Pink Panther character! MGM Studios has stated that this new Pink Panther film will focus on the animated Pink Panther character along with the lead protagonist of the main movie series, Inspector Clouseau. This will be accomplished through a hybrid of live-action filmography as well as animation, capturing the tone of the original Pink Panther cartoons as well as the film series. Directed by David Silverman, who also worked on popular animated films like The Simpsons Movie and Monsters, Inc., this film will introduce the classic Pink Panther franchise to a brand new generation. With no release date announced for the movie, make sure to stay tuned for more news!

The Pink Panther franchise began as a series of comedy films following an inept French police detective, Inspector Jacques Clouseau, and his adventures to solve crime and recover the valuable “Pink Panther” diamond. The franchise, which has had 11 movies since the original release in 1963, introduced the animated Pink Panther character in the opening of the original 1963 movie, who has since become a cultural icon, receiving his own animated TV show, The Pink Panther Show, in 1969.

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