Depth-defying 3D-like chalk art has been a huge cultural sensation over the past decade, with pieces popping up on sidewalks all over the world. Now, prolific Dutch artist Leon Keer has paid tribute to Space Invaders, one of the most iconic 2D video games of all time, by creating a large-scale, 3D chalk art with a cool Space Invaders theme!


Depicting a young woman facing off against the 2D alien menace, the chalk art debuted at the EPFL campus in Lausanne, Switzerland, and measures 150 square meters. The artwork was created over the span of 6 days, and will be on view until April 10th. The nostalgic artwork has become a hot attraction at the campus, letting viewers interact with the art in a fun new way. With a huge variety of interesting chalk art under Leon Keer’s belt, you can never know where or when his next piece will show up!


Leon Keer is a Dutch pop-surrealist artist, creating (3D)artwork on streets throughout the world. Working as a mural artist since 1997, Keer has collaborated with multinational companies such as Coca Cola, Red Bull, Heineken, and others in order to bring his work to life worldwide. Keer’s work includes large-scale 3D chalk art, designed to recreate extensive 3D illusions on 2D planes. The nature of his work is fleeting and temporary, with pieces coming and going in very short amounts of time. He has created artwork in a variety of nations, including the Netherlands, United States, United Arab Emirates, Australia, and several countries throughout Europe and Asia. Leon Keer has created a wide variety of artwork, like his popular LEGO terra-cotta soldiers piece during the 4th Sarasota Chalkfestival in Florida US, and is often considered one of the leading artists in 3D street art across the world, receiving massive popularity through social media and other venues.





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