Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman’s popular Rubber Duck sculpture has seen a variety of locations all over the world. Ranging from locations like Beijing, Sao Paulo, Sydney, Osaka, Hong Kong, and more, this giant 54′ tall inflatable bird has traveled worldwide and mesmerized citizens in all different countries.
Now, Hofman’s Rubber Duck will come to the United States for a second time, resting its wings at the Chrysler Museum of Art in Hampton, Virginia. The Rubber Duck will be part of the museum’s reopening ceremony on May 10th, and will remain at the museum until May 26th. Following the popular appearance of the bird in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 2013, this upcoming appearance is anticipated to be a huge hit by both the museum and fans across the nation. With even more destinations planned in the future for the Rubber Duck, it might just end up closer than you’d expect!

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