This year’s Oscars hosted a variety of new talent and films alongside mainstay names in the movie industry. This year’s animation awards were especially interesting, with huge films like “The Wind Rises”, “Frozen”, “Despicable Me 2″, “Ernest and Celestine”, and “The Croods” competing for the Oscar for Best Animated Feature Film of 2014.


“Frozen” won the prestigious award in the end, capturing the hearts of audiences across the world. This has been a landmark year for Disney, as this is the first Oscar that the world-renowned film company has won since the introduction of the animated film category in 2001, losing the award to Pixar and DreamWorks every year.


Alongside the award for Best Animated Feature Film was the award for the Best Animated Short Film. Nominees for this award included animated shorts “Feral”, “Get a Horse!”, “Possessions”, “Mr. Hublot”, and “Room on the Broom”. This category featured a much wider variety of animation styles and stories than the Feature Film, including stop-motion and CGI alongside classical hand-drawn animation. While “Get a Horse!”pleased fans with a retrospective history of the Disney company and its animations over the decades, “Mr. Hubolt” won the award by astounding audiences with its unique story and wonderful effects.


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