With science fiction and popular movies showing the future of robotics in human use, such as super-powered armor and giant robots, our expectations for the future of robotics are high. Now, thanks to the Perceptual Robotics Laboratory in San Giuliano Terme, Italy, we’re one step closer to this robo-powered dream. Researchers at the lab have created a fully functioning, wearable robotic exoskeleton, which is designed to emulate all of its user’s movements and amplify the force of its user. Thanks to this technology, each arm can lift up to 110 pounds in each claw, even when the arm is fully extended. This machine is expected to work in factories, construction, and rescue efforts in crisis situations like earthquakes or building collapses. While robotic exoskeletons are not a new concept, and many have already been created to help the handicapped and soldiers, this suit continues to revolutionize the technology, bringing the suit one step closer to mass-production and use in the real world.

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