With the brand-new Godzilla movie made by Legendary Studios and Japanese-based movie studio Toho releasing in theaters this coming May, there has been a lot of excitement about the classic kaiju. Now, for the first time ever, American audiences will have the chance to view the original 1954 Godzilla movie on the big screen, unedited and uncut thanks to Rialto Pictures! While this classic monster movie originally came over to America in 1956 as a completely altered version, with over 40 minutes of footage edited out, and many scenes replaced with American actors. Now, with this upcoming restoration of the original film, American fans will finally be able to experience Godzilla as it was originally intended! Rialto Pictures has even recreated the original Japanese poster for American audiences, staying true to the original design and actors. The film will be released at the TCM Classic Film Festival at Hollywood on April 12th, and then begin airing in cities across the United States in the following weeks. With this and the brand-new Godzilla film coming to theaters nationwide in a matter of months, it’s a great time for Godzilla fans, old and new!

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