Robots programed with insect-like brains

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The human brain has always been an overwhelming task for scientists to replicate, due to the complexity of the nervous system and many other factors. Therefore, researchers at the Freie Universität Berlin, located in Berlin, Germany, have opted to take it slow, and have modeled a robot brain on the brain and nervous system of the honeybee, which is much easier to understand and replicate. The robot, designed around the 8″ long DFRobotShop Rover, was given a small camera linked directly to its brain, allowing the robot to take in visual sensory data and learn from it. The robot is able to associate colors with specific rules and guidelines, needing a single experimental learning trial to learn the colors and effects. The robot is then able to immediately discern between the colors, mapping its own course and destination. Researchers hope to gain insight into how memory effects decision making, as well as looking to expand the neural network in their robots in order to make them more autonomous.

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