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The Robot Spirits line of collectible figures has often featured the coolest mech designs from a wide variety of franchises, including Gundam, Dunbine, Full Metal Panic, Star Driver, and more. Now, Robot Spirits brings two iconic character from the classic “Machine Hero Wataru” anime series to its figure line: Ryuohmaru and Senohmaru! Each figure stands over 3″ tall, and features a wide range of articulation and accessories. Ryuohmaru comes with a selection of alternate hands, removable shield, and two versions of his signature sword: a normal version and a slashing version. Ryuohmaru also comes with effect parts for his hands, and a miniature Wataru figure! Ryuohmaru can even transform into a winged bird mode! Senohmaru, on the other hand, comes with alternate hands, his spear, twin katanas, and flaming slash effects for his signature attack! TOMODACHI currently has both of these figures, and many more, available at both our Rosedale Shopping Center location, as well as our online store! Make sure to check them out while you can!

“Machine Hero Wataru”
was an adventure anime, debuting in Japan in 1988. The story followed the adventure of 9-year old Wataru Ikusabe and his adventures through the the magic realm of gods known as Soukaizan. The anime was designed to be similar to popular RPG games at the time, like Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest, and derived many storytelling elements and concepts from the video game medium. The anime proved to be incredibly popular in japan, spawning a variety of sequels and movies over the following decade, and even being adapted for worldwide audiences.

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