With the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia coming closer and closer, new plans have been unveiled to make the visitors as important as the athletes, thanks to phone company MegaFon. Partnered up with London-based artist Asif Khan, He has designed a giant mobile 3D pin wall for the upcoming Olympics, and plan to place 3D phone booths across both the Olympic grounds at Sochi and Russia.
Visitors who use these 3D phone booths will have their faces scanned, and be displayed in giant 3D renditions upon the pin wall during the Olympics.


The screen itself is made of 10,000 actuators which will adjust both shape and lighting according to the 3D scans, effectively recreating the person’s face at a massive scale. The faces will be constantly changing throughout the duration of the Olympics, and visitors will even be able to find out at what time their face will appear on the wall, as well as download a video of their avatar’s appearance from MegaFon’s website. With the Sochi Olympics taking place between February 7th to the 23rd, it’s amazing to see what kind of artistic innovation can be brought to the world stage.

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