CES 2014 highlights

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Each year, some of the biggest names in the technology industry gather at the annual International CES convention in Las Vegas to exhibit the hottest tech and gadgets for the year and near future. This year’s CES 2014 proved to be one of the biggest yet, showing off some really cool gadgets from January 6th to January 9th. A huge variety of technology from all different genres was shown off, holding something new and exciting for all fans.


3D printing, one of the fastest growing tech industries of the past couple of years, held a variety of surprises for the future. One of the biggest surprises was the sheer number of printers and companies showing off their merchandise at the show; more than 27 different 3D printing exhibits were live on-floor. With such a rise in variety and competition, prices have also taken a huge turn, with costs dropping below $1000 on several printers. Several of the newer printers also featured new technology to allow easier and more consistent prints, including auto-leveling, SLA resin printing machines, and more! Compared to last year’s CES, 3D printing has stepped into the spotlight and made a name for itself as a feasible and affordable home product.


A number of new robotics companies were also at CES, showing off their newest practical robots. One such robot was the Ozobot, a tiny automated robot designed to identify colors, patterns, and lines in order to play board games with customers. Another robot at the show, the Ecovacs Winbot, was shown cleaning windows with adaptive suction technology, along with sensors to prevent the little worker from falling off of the surface. Finally the Robothespian, created by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, was debuted at the show as a life-size humanoid robot. The Robothespian functions as an entertainer, greeter, and news podium, designed for public areas such as science centers, museums, exhibitions, and lobbies.


Video game news was also at the forefront at CES, including the first looks and public hands-on test of the brand new Steam Machine by Valve. Known as the creator of the Steam video game application for PCs and Macs, Valve has helped create and publish some of the most popular video games for the PC in the past few years, and has revolutionized the digital video game market. With their new Steam Machine, Valve plans to offer a diverse, low-cost alternative to expensive gaming PCs, as well as make its huge market of games more accessible to the general audience. Sony also revealed their new online gaming service, titled PlayStation Now. This new service, offered on the PlayStation 3, Playstation 4, Vita, Sony Bravia TVs, smartphones, tablets, and more, will offer a new streaming service, allowing customers to directly download their favorite titles and play on the go. Multiplayer will also be supported, although no direct release dates were announced during the show.


A wide variety of cool new gadgets were also shown off at the show, covering a huge variety of genres and applications. Some of the coolest new tech included gadgets like a 360-degree camcorder able to record panoramic videos, smart glasses that display a blue heads-up display directly in the lens, Audi vehicles with adaptive auto-driving


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